On the evening of April 11th, Dickinson welcomed journalist Susan Moore and a group of guests for a Slow Art Workshop entitled Back to Front, where we looked at the clues to be found on the backs of paintings, or hidden on their fronts. Managing Director Emma Ward and Old Masters specialist Dr Molly Dorkin led the group on a tour of Dickinson, beginning in our public ground floor galleries before venturing upstairs to look more closely at paintings in our private viewing rooms. Visitors had the opportunity to approach paintings closely, and to ask questions about our process of research and investigation.

Emma and Molly spoke about a range of topics, touching on the importance of thorough provenance research and the establishment of clear title; how to interpret the various markings and labels found on the back of a painting; and the ways in which dealers can make valuable contributions – or changes – to existing scholarship on a particular artist or artwork, among others. The group examined portraits by Van Dyck, landscape by Renoir and Cézanne, and other gallery highlights.

Back to Front is part of a series of Gallery events taking place in both London and New York in honour of Dickinson’s 25th anniversary this year. The next event, a breakfast and panel discussion considering the role of art dealers in the public and private art market, will take place at our New York gallery, Dickinson Roundell, on May 4th.

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