About Us

Founded on Trusted Experience and Expertise

Established in 1993 by Simon Dickinson, formerly Senior Director of Christie’s Old Master & British Pictures, and David Ker, a dealer in 18th and 19th Century British Pictures, the firm rapidly earned its reputation as a leading London dealership for Old Master & British Paintings, and also opened a gallery in New York. In 1995, Dickinson broadened its scope to include Impressionist & Modern Art under the direction of James Roundell, formerly Head of Christie’s Impressionist & Modern Department, and shortly thereafter the company expanded further still into secondary market Contemporary Art.



Dickinson handles a uniquely broad range of quality artworks, from early Renaissance masters through to blue-chip Contemporary artists, and is able to assist buyers and sellers across a wide spectrum. In addition to our offices in London and New York, Dickinson works with consultants based across Europe, relying on decades of experience in the art market and familiarity with the world’s greatest collections to offer our clients a discreet and professional service.

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Assured Privacy and Discretion

People buy art for all sorts of reasons and collecting is always personal. Working with a reputable dealer is reassuring in a market that can be fraught with peril. At Dickinson, we aim to bring integrity and clarity to a complex and often opaque industry, while maintaining discretion in all of our dealings. We respect our clients’ decisions and privacy which sets us apart in this unregulated, idiosyncratic business where sales are pressured and discretion is often in short supply. This policy has allowed Dickinson to build and maintain trusting long-term relationships with collectors and industry professionals worldwide.



At Dickinson we are passionate about each artwork and conduct thorough due diligence research on every piece we handle or on which we offer advice. The provenance, attribution and authentication of works of art can be a challenging and time-consuming process. We take scholarship seriously, and our specialists work with an extensive network of leading authorities and museum curators to conduct attribution and provenance research, soliciting letters of authenticity from the relevant experts where necessary.


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A Diverse and Proven Team of Experts

The strength and diversity of our team of proven experts enables Dickinson to offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our fluency of the art market provides clients with an adroit perspective allowing for informed decision-making. Authoritative and engaging, and with unparalleled access to the great collections of Britain, Europe and America, Dickinson provides a unique service for individuals and institutions wishing to acquire or sell artworks of exceptional quality away from the glare of the salerooms.


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