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MASTERS OF MODERNISM : Peder Balke, Edvard Munch, Per Kirkeby

Simon C. Dickinson, Ltd. (London) and Dickinson Roundell, Inc. (New York) are pleased to present the first exhibition bringing together three significant Nordic artists, Peder Balke (Norwegian, 1804 – 1887) Edvard Munch (Norwegian, 1863 – 1944) and Per Kirkeby (Danish, b. 1938), curated by Dr. Dieter Buchhart.

Masters of Modernism: Peder Balke, Edvard Munch, Per Kirkeby demonstrates the shared modernity and message of these three artists, which can be seen in their respective techniques. Each artist has challenged the traditional idea that materiality is strictly a function of form. By focusing instead on technique, including the use of colours and the role played by the picture support, these artists defy the traditional process of image-making and allow their materials to dominate.

Several works in this exhibition have never before been publically exhibited, including five works by Peder Balke from private collections (Utsyn over Frederikshald /View over Frederikshald; Seascape; Landskap /Landscape; Vardøhus festning /Vardøhus fortress; and Marine; all c. 1840-60). In the wake of the National Gallery exhibition Peder Balke, this exhibition emphasises Balke’s influence on later generations of Nordic artists, which included Munch and Kirkeby. Materiality was central to their working process. Balke scratched and scraped away the wet paint, pioneering a unique wet-in-wet technique. Munch exposed his paintings and prints to nature, deliberately allowing the elements to act on and “improve” his works. Kirkeby drilled holes and sanded down the surface of his paintings on masonite. These artists’ unconventional yet significant contributions to Modernism are explored in this exhibition, which takes place simultaneously in both London and New York. Simon C. Dickinson, Ltd. will exhibit twelve works by Balke and sixteen by Munch. Dickinson Roundell, Inc. will present five works by Kirkeby and nine by Munch.

Dr. Dieter Buchhart (b. Vienna, 1971) is curator and art theorist, with a PhD in art history and painting conservation. He has curated many high-profile exhibitions in international museums and art spaces. From 2007 to 2009, Dr. Buchhart served as Director of the Kunsthalle Krems near Vienna. Since 1999, he has contributed to Kunstforum International and other art magazines, as well as authoring artist monographs and giving lectures. His primary areas of interest range from Expressionism and the early 20th century through the contemporary era. He is a leading expert on Munch, and curated the 2007 exhibition at Fondation Beyeler, Switzerland, Edvard Munch: Signs of Modern Art. He is currently curating an exhibition of Munch prints at the Albertina, Vienna opening in September 2015.

This exhibition is accompanied by a scholarly catalogue which includes essays by Dr. Dieter Buchhart, Prof. Øivind Storm Bjerke and Dr. Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark.