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Press Release

To coincide with Old Masters Week in New York, Dickinson presents Heroes and Legends: The Classical World from Baroque to Regency, an online exhibition focusing on the classical world, its heroes, and its mythology. The show will be led by Johan Zoffany’s monumental Ulysses seizing Astyanax from Andromache and Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi’s dynamic bronze Ganymede and the Eagle.

The classical world was long held up as an ideal subject for artists, and, according to European Academic hierarchies, history painting – a category that also encompassed religious, mythological or allegorical subjects – was at the pinnacle. This exhibition features a range of Old Master and 19th century paintings and sculpture, and is accompanied by a brochure highlighting the narrative and relevance of each piece, to bring the show alive to an online audience. A number of the works, including the Zoffany and further examples by Sir Peter Lely, Jacques-Antoine Vallin and Robert Lefevre, among others, are new to the market.