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Press Release

Dickinson New York’s group show, Endless Summer, presents a selection of Modern masters juxtaposed with vivid and colorful pieces by exciting Contemporary and Emerging artists whose work reflects their abstract and conceptual forbears. A painting by leading Post-War artist Richard Diebenkorn and one of Joseph Cornell’s shadow boxes are presented alongside new works by young artists Milena Muzquiz, Oks (Oksana Todorova), Clinton King and Osamu Kobayashi, among others. Endless Summer offers the collector a range of styles and media exploring both the abstract and figurative.

Among the highlights are two recent works by Osamu Kobayashi, All Seeing (2019) and Wildflower II (2020). Kobayashi’s work plays with the premises of color field painting, infusing it with a sense of humor. According to the artist, his work regularly ‘shifts between being completely abstract and being completely figurative’.

Like Kobayashi, both Clinton King and Freddy Rodríguez rely on colour to define their forms, which are more purely abstract. Dominican-born, New York-based Rodríguez has addressed themes as diverse as colonization and Catholicism, dictatorship and baseball. Oks, a ceramics artist known for confronting taboo subjects from a feminist perspective, contributes two pieces from her series on intoxication; while Milena Muzquiz, who has also focused on ceramics in previous work, is here represented by two recent paintings. Other featured artists include Elsa Hansen Oldham, Lizzie Gill, and Marilyn Minter.

Later in June, Endless Summer will run concurrently with Dickinson’s presentation at this year’s Online Masterpiece Fair, in partnership with Masterpiece and Artsy. In keeping with Dickinson’s tradition of exhibiting both Old and Modern masters at the fair, the virtual stand will feature Shared Horizons: Celebrating Artists’ Travels, including Old Master and 19th Century pieces; and Cubism: ‘Petits Cubes’, a selection of 20th Century works in the Cubist idiom, from 22 June 2020.