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Press Release

Great art exists at all price points. There is often a preconception that fine art galleries like Dickinson are only for the mega-rich, but that is just not true: whatever your budget and taste, we are happy to offer our advice and steer you in the direction of pieces we think you will be happy to live with – and that represent good value in the years to come.

We also believe that there is great art available at all price points, across all categories. It might seem obvious that there is value to be had in the emerging markets – indeed, many galleries have built their businesses on spotting new talent – but it is perhaps less obvious that there is value in more established categories, such as old masters. And at every level, we give the same advice: always buy what you like! Yes, you want it to hold its value, but you’ll get more joy out of buying something you like looking at than something you buy because you are hoping it will make you rich. (Unless you’re a dealer.) Buy the best example you can afford by a less-well-known artist over a mediocre example by a famous name, and then pay attention to details like presentation: a new frame that suits a picture can make a £10,000 piece look like a million bucks!

Starting today, we are showcasing our online exhibition 20 under £20k in 2020: 20 works from the old master and 19th century department offered for under £20,000.

In these strange and uncertain times, we are also taking the opportunity to contribute 20% of our profits from this online exhibition to the NHS COVID-19 Emergency Appeal in Britain. This follows in the wake of Dickinson’s previous charitable projects, in association with The Art Room, Herriot Hospice Homecare and Pancreatic Cancer UK.