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Sotheby’s, Christie’s or Dickinson? The Advantage of Dickinson

As pioneers in the market for private sales, we specialise in providing a discreet alternative to buying and selling at auction, negotiating purchases and sales on a commission basis. At Dickinson we recognise that collectors, whether starting out or seasoned connoisseurs, buy and sell art for a broad range of reasons, and we can tailor our advice to suit specific needs. We help assemble collections of exceptional quality, sourcing works of art from around the world and capitalising on our access to pieces not otherwise available in the public forum. When approached for assistance with selling artworks, we will conduct a thorough market assessment to ascertain potential value, outline our proposal for sale, and then decide on a clear strategy with a transparent commission structure and costs. Dickinson conducts in-depth research on every work, conducting due diligence, investigating attribution where necessary, soliciting opinions and authentication from the relevant experts, thereby reducing transactional risk and allowing our clients to buy and sell with confidence. Dickinson is happy to assist with the sale of a single great work of art or an entire collection or estate, and will provide a personalised, comprehensive service from start to finish.


If you are interested in selling or buying an artwork through Dickinson, please contact one of our specialists.