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Valuing artworks and tailoring coverage for every need

Dickinson has extensive experience in valuing individual works and entire collections, and can provide both current market values and formal valuations for insurance, exhibition loan or inheritance purposes.

We work with a leading UK expert in tax issues related to inheritance and trusts, keeping abreast of constantly changing market conditions in order to help collections pass securely and efficiently from one generation to the next. Dickinson also facilitates the sale of artworks to and on behalf of museums and other public institutions, and gives advice on short- and long-term loans and bequests. We advise Family Offices and Investment Trusts on their art assets, assisting with strategic decisions, acquisitions, sales, valuations and overall management of art portfolios. In addition to providing valuations for insurance, Dickinson liaises with specialist insurance brokers to tailor coverage to suit the most specialised collections, artworks and situations.

To request a valuation please contact one of our experts.