Shedding light on the Auction process

With our insight into the inner machinations of the auction world we seek to engineer as financially advantageous and risk averse a strategy as possible for our clients. Our specialists have decades of combined experience at the major auction houses, allowing us an insider’s knowledge of the opaque auction process. Many collectors seek anonymity when buying or selling a work of art, and we protect our clients’ privacy while making sure that they receive impartial and professional advice and the best possible outcome.

Edgar Degas, Danseuse à la Barre, c. 1885, pastel on joined paper

Dickinson frequently acts on behalf of buyers and sellers at auction to ensure that all transactions are made prudently and at the correct value, advising the best course of action in the complex and often risky auction environment. For sellers, we are ideally positioned to offer advice on the best time and location to sell; to consider the question of whether to sell privately or at auction; to evaluate the choice between auction houses and international saleroom locations; and to negotiate the most advantageous terms and conditions. The Dickinson team monitors and analyses the art market constantly, personally inspecting and researching artworks offered at major auctions, in order to provide our clients with the most complete and accurate information about any potential acquisitions or divestments. As a result, when bidding on behalf of collectors at auction, we are able to ensure that our bidding strategies yield as favourable an outcome as possible. (It is worth noting that auction purchases can now carry a commission of up to 50% of the transactional value.)