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Helping to navigate all eventualities in the Art World

Dickinson advises clients on all aspects of the art world, including buying, selling, and collection management, constantly seeking out opportunities as they arise. Our connoisseurship and understanding of the art market enables us to navigate the complex and challenging process of buying and selling artworks. The strength and breadth of our team, with almost 400 years of collective art world experience, enables Dickinson to offer its clients a wealth of knowledge. We understand a collector’s desire to buy and protect an artwork that will hold value long-term. Price is a consideration with any purchase and good advice on sales or positions will reward collectors in the future.


The art market has seen seismic changes in recent years. It has become a global phenomenon, with numerous opportunities as well as a host of hazards to avoid. At Dickinson, we seek to safeguard our clients against these risks while providing comprehensive and specialised advice for maximising the potential of any collection. At the top end of the market, the finest and rarest paintings have soared in value and are generally accepted as an asset or as part of a diversified portfolio. Our philosophy is that a quality artwork is a quality artwork wherever it is sourced – whether at auction, privately through another gallery or dealer, at an art fair or directly from a private collector. We retain integrity and give impartial and dependable advice on every purchase allowing collectors to make prudent judgements about their art.