Buying and Selling made Simple

Dickinson advises clients on all aspects of buying, selling, and collection management, constantly seeking out opportunities in the market as they arise.

Dickinson is happy to assist with the sale of a single great work of art or an entire collection or estate, and bring a personalised, comprehensive service from start to finish. Our connoisseurship and privileged knowledge of the art market enables us to navigate the complex and challenging process of buying and selling artworks.

Sotheby’s, Christie’s or Dickinson? The Advantage of Dickinson

At Dickinson we recognise that collectors, whether starting out or seasoned connoisseurs, buy and sell art for a broad range of reasons, and we can tailor our advice to suit specific needs. We help assemble collections of exceptional quality, sourcing works of art from around the world and capitalising on our access to pieces not otherwise available in the public forum. When approached for assistance with selling artworks, we will conduct thorough market assessment to ascertain potential value, outline sale proposals, and then decide upon a clear strategy with a transparent commission structure and costs. Dickinson will conduct in-depth research and liaise with the relevant experts in order to facilitate purchases and sales, reducing transactional risk and maximising financial results for our clients.

If you are interested in selling or buying an artwork through Dickinson, please contact one of our specialists.

Helping to navigate all eventualities in the Art World

We understand a collector’s desire to buy and protect an artwork that will hold value long-term to maximise financial results. Price is a consideration with any purchase and good advice on sales or acquisitions will reward collectors in the future. The art market has seen seismic changes in recent years. At the top end of the art market, the very finest paintings have soared in value and are generally now accepted as an asset or as part of a diversified portfolio. We recommend concentrating on the top tier of the market to nurture value for future generations.

Our philosophy is that a quality artwork is a quality artwork wherever it is sourced – whether at auction, privately through another gallery or dealer, at an art fair or directly from a private collector. We retain our integrity and give impartial and dependable advice on every purchase allowing collectors to make prudent judgements about their art.

Auction Advice

With our insight into the inner machinations of the auction world we seek to engineer a financially advantageous and risk averse strategy for our clients.

Many collectors seek anonymity when buying or selling a work of art. Dickinson frequently act on behalf of buyers and sellers at auction to ensure that all transactions are made prudently and at the correct value, advising the best course of action in the complex and often risky auction environment. We protect our clients’ anonymity while making sure that they receive impartial and professional advice, negotiating the most advantageous terms and conditions and making sure our bidding strategies yield as favourable an outcome as possible. (It is worth noting that auction purchases can now carry a commission of up to 50% of the transactional value). The Dickinson team monitor and analyse the art market constantly, personally inspecting and researching each work offered at major auctions, in order to provide our clients with the most complete and accurate information about any potential acquisitions or divestments.


Dickinson has extensive experience in valuing individual works and entire collections, and can provide both current market values and formal valuations for insurance purposes. We work with a leading UK expert in tax issues related to inheritance and trusts, keeping abreast of constantly changing market conditions in order to help collections pass from one generation to the next. Dickinson also facilitates the sale of artworks to and on behalf of museums and other public institutions, and gives advice on short- and long-term loans and bequests. We advise Family Offices and Investment Trusts on their art assets, assisting with strategic decisions, acquisitions, sales, valuations and overall management of art portfolios.

Museum Services

Dickinson is proud of our close relationships with the world’s leading museums and have successfully negotiated the sale of important artworks, both to and on behalf of museums worldwide. By providing an important link between museums and private collectors, we are able to assist curators in securing valuable exhibition loans and gifts; to help them realise significant acquisitions from private collections; and negotiate sales on their behalf. We are also able to take advantage of curators’ knowledge and expertise in order to advance our own research and understanding of the works we handle.


Dickinson has discreetly handled artworks from some of the largest restitution cases, successfully negotiating sales of recently restituted works to major museums and private collections. Our links with museums worldwide enable us to conclude these matters efficiently and with the utmost discretion.

Country House Decoration

Dickinson is experienced in selecting pictures that will complement and enhance the ambiance of any country house or lodge. We will help choose, transport and hang a range of decorative and sporting artworks for consideration in your home.

Cataloguing your Collection

In addition to providing thorough cataloguing for insurance purposes, we are able to prepare a fully illustrated catalogue of your art collection for display at home. This can include a painting’s known history and any references in literature, and can be a useful souvenir to share with family and friends.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our Art Advisory services, please contact us.

Preserving Collections for the Future

Dickinson offers a comprehensive range of curatorial services to ensure, whether in a gallery or private home, individual artworks and whole collections are displayed and conserved to their best advantage, and safely transported around the globe.


We assist with the complexities of conservation, cleaning and restoration, recommending the most reputable restorers worldwide and overseeing the process through to completion.


Dickinson has long-standing relationships with the leading framers who will advise on the appropriate frames to show off a painting to its best advantage.


Working alongside specialist art handlers, curators and decorators, we are able to offer advice on the display and lighting of paintings and sculpture.


We regularly manage the international movement and storage of artworks with the most reliable and efficient international art handlers to ensure the safe and correct transportation of artworks.


In addition to providing valuations for insurance, Dickinson liaises with insurance brokers to tailor-make cover to suit the most specialised collections, artworks and situations.

To discuss the full range of Curatorial Services Dickinson offers, please contact us.